About Seeds Child Care Centre

playground_5.jpgAt Seeds we believe in the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood and that the social and physical environment the children evolves it represents the “Third Teacher”. This is why we endeavour in providing a nurturing and enriching environment with programs and resources that are developmentally appropriate, intriguing and enable children to learn, grow and live creatively. We also strongly believe that creating relationships with our families and our community is crucial to children’s development.

At Seeds

  • We create a warm, welcoming, bias-free and safe environment where each individual child’s physical and emotional well-being is promoted.
  • Our educators help improve educational and developmental outcomes for each individual child.
  • We help to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school.
  • We offer a curriculum that caters for both structured and spontaneous play and learning experiences. Children learn, explore and discover through so many different ways and as early childhood educators it is our aim to make learning the most amazing experience for the children in our care.
  • The educators use a variety of methods to enrich children’s emerging literacy and numeracy concepts laying down the foundations for school.


Program Emphasis


  • To encourage group and individual play sessions.
  • To provide sensory stimulation for intellectual development.
  • To encourage cooperative learning and play through peer group and social interaction.
  • To provide learning opportunities through physical and outdoor experiences.
  • To provide learning experiences for creative expression.
  • To promote sustainable practices, respect and care for our biodiversity.
  • To promote multi-culturalism and respect for others as well as creating links with our local community.


    Five reasons why Seeds is for you:


      1. Your child’s wellbeing and safety comes first.
      2. Specialised programs.
      3. Your child’s learning is maximized by experienced qualified educators.
      4. We provide a stimulating and enriching environment with natural spaces.
      5. You will always be welcomed and have a sense of belonging to the Seeds family.

        Our Menu


        We believe in encouraging children in having a healthy lifestyle. The centre provides each child with a nutritional daily menu, including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. This is served in accordance with the local government and WA Health Standards ensuring each child is provided with 50% of their daily nutritional needs. Drinking water is available to the children all day. Special dietary needs are always taken into consideration. Meals provided are varied and multicultural to expose children to the wonderful tastes and textures from around the world.


        Our Philosophy

        The Oxford Dictionary (1989) defines Philosophy as: “The love, study and pursuit of wisdom”


        Seeds Childcare and Early Learning Centre strives to provide the highest quality childcare and education program in a warm, nurturing and safe environment, while providing opportunities for children to explore their surroundings with a sense of wonder, adventure and curiosity.

        At Seeds we believe in the Reggio Emilia Approach and hence believe that the environment is the Third Teacher. We aim at creating an enriching and nurturing environment that will inspire curiosity, exploration and learning. By providing a natural outdoor environment with real grass, plants, tress and wooden play apparatus and bringing nature into the centre children can explore through the senses and connect to nature both indoors and outdoors. Our facilities at Seeds have been designed or adapted to ensure interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces. By caring for animals we believe that children learn empathy, respect and to care for others. It teaches them a sense of responsibility, community involvement, social responsibility and respect for the environment. It also develops confidence, curiosity, enthusiasm and problem solving, all excellent skills throughout early years and life.

        We believe that working in partnership with families is essential to providing the highest quality care and education for your child.
        Acknowledging that each child is different and learning occurs in different shapes and forms. Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interest are the foundation of the program. The diversity in family life means that children experience ‘belonging, being and becoming’ in many different ways. Children bring their diverse experiences, perspectives expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning. It is important we guide children in recognising and respecting similarities and differences in the cultures that are the fabric of our community. At Seeds, we believe that the recognition and integration of cultural diversity into our daily program will ultimately lead to the development of strong, caring and tolerant individuals who are capable of making a valuable contribution to society.  We aim to impart life skills consistent with each child’s individual development and to extend their range of personal skills.

        The educators at Seeds believe that each child is a unique individual and no matter where we come from and how different we look, our children are all children and we will treat them with care, respect their rights and provide equal opportunities to all the children in our care.


        Centre Management

         Mobile: 0413 642 466
        Tel: 08 9451 8411

        Email: Contact Us

        Centre Management responsible for the overall implementation of the Programme and to whom parents should communicate regarding the Programme and matters affecting their children.